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Feb 02

If You Had To Choose A Trading Skill….

optimism vs pessimism

What would it be? Great technical analysis skills?  The ability to take small losses?  Better insight into your trading psyche? While all these skills would be great,  personally I believe there is one ‘skill’ that successful traders possess that underpins all the others. Without this one attribute, longevity in the markets is pretty much a …

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Jan 24

Hanging Tough. Just Like in the 80′s.

I’m going through a ‘patch’. A great bit soggy quagmire might be a little more accurate, actually. I don’t really like writing that.  I’m normally a very capable, unemotional, get-the-job-done kind of girl, (and fun – don’t forget fun, because all that sounds horribly boring and secretary-like) and I’m really not really one to sook …

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