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Feb 07

The Beauty of Back Testing


I’ve embraced my inner nerd this weekend, and spent a great deal of time with my face in front of the computer, writing out reams of data by hand.  You see, I had an idea to make my life a little easier and hopefully more profitable. I’ve been mucking around with FX this year in …

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Feb 02

If You Had To Choose A Trading Skill….

optimism vs pessimism

What would it be? Great technical analysis skills?  The ability to take small losses?  Better insight into your trading psyche? While all these skills would be great,  personally I believe there is one ‘skill’ that successful traders possess that underpins all the others. Without this one attribute, longevity in the markets is pretty much a …

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Feb 01

Ask, And It Shall Be Given

I had quite a revealing morning, this morning.  Of course, I didn’t realise it at the time, because I was 85% asleep. My husband, Jim, is a bit of a freak.   He sets his alarm at 5.30 am every week morning and religiously gets up to do some sort of exercise.    And as …

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Jan 31

My Top 10 Favourite Self-Destructive Trading Thoughts

Finally – after weeks of hand cramps, crossed eyes and other nerd-induced unattractiveness, my testing is complete. I’ve finally finished manually testing the FX 1H method I developed, and on Monday I started trading it live.  I really enjoyed testing it – the method made sense to me, gave me clear entries and exits with …

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Jan 30

13 Things They Didn’t Tell Me About Being A Trader

1. They never told me trading was hard. Or anything that resembled work at all, really. 2. I never got told that 90% of traders fail – in fact I got told anyone could trade, and that it was especially lucrative if you did it while lounging by the pool. 3. They failed to mention …

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Jan 28

Why The Grass Isn’t Greener

Some people are a little bit mental. I mean, I’m sure they’re lovely and everything, but just raving mad. In a nice way. I met a trader on Twitter yesterday who was trading FX and the US markets, which of course is very un-crazy and really rather normal. What I found slightly nutso was that …

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Jan 27

The Impact Of Fear

Fear is probably one of the most crippling emotions a trader can have. It has the ability to over-ride our in-built fight or flight reflex, and paralyse us like a deer in the headlights. This frozen, paralysed state is probably the most harmful state a trader can find themselves in, because rather than panicking out …

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Jan 24

How Do I Loathe Thy Career? Let Me Count The Ways…

Some days it feels like you have a sign pinned to your back that says “Kick Me!” And then under that, another sign that says “I Ran Over Your Puppy (and it was fun!)” I had that yesterday. Clean out of nowhere, I was happily chatting to this cunning chap who ended up subjecting me …

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Jan 24

4 Things I am Doing Right Now To Become A Kick-Ass Trader

You may have noticed it’s been a bit quiet around here, so let me reassure you that I’ve not, in fact, ditched my life and run off to join the Kalahari bushmen.  Although a simple life that involves a great deal of sitting about in the desert does at times seem rather appealing, it’s not …

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Jan 24

Hanging Tough. Just Like in the 80′s.

I’m going through a ‘patch’. A great bit soggy quagmire might be a little more accurate, actually. I don’t really like writing that.  I’m normally a very capable, unemotional, get-the-job-done kind of girl, (and fun – don’t forget fun, because all that sounds horribly boring and secretary-like) and I’m really not really one to sook …

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