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Feb 07

The Beauty of Back Testing


I’ve embraced my inner nerd this weekend, and spent a great deal of time with my face in front of the computer, writing out reams of data by hand.  You see, I had an idea to make my life a little easier and hopefully more profitable. I’ve been mucking around with FX this year in …

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Jan 28

Why The Grass Isn’t Greener

Some people are a little bit mental. I mean, I’m sure they’re lovely and everything, but just raving mad. In a nice way. I met a trader on Twitter yesterday who was trading FX and the US markets, which of course is very un-crazy and really rather normal. What I found slightly nutso was that …

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Jan 24

Realistic Returns

Everyone knows the main thing that draws people to the markets is the promise of mega returns. Particularly when the banks are offering us next to nothing for our savings, there comes a point where we think there must be a better option – and what better option is there, than to manage our money …

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Mar 02

How Being Cursed Can Affect Your Trading.

I think there must be something wrong with my eyeballs. In the big scheme of things, this isn’t so bad – the other day I had a conversation with an important person which left me wondering if I had something wrong with my brain. You know, it wouldn’t surprise me to find that I have …

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