Feb 03

If The Shoe Fits….

The Evolution of A Trader, Expressed in Shoes.

(Yes, it’s possible I have far too much time on my hands.)

The Newbie Trader.

Little do they know they are but a table leg away from a great deal of pain.

The “I’ve Just Had My Ass Handed To Me” Trader

Did someone say “risk management”?  No bleeding toes here, but plenty of blisters until you wear these bad boys in.   “These boots are made for working, and that’s just what you’ll do…not gonna let the market do no walking over yooooou…”

The “First Profits” Trader

You’re on the sealed road now – there’s still work to be done, but the wounds have healed and your pace is picking up.  Your account is starting to look a bit more toned, too – but you’re not exactly the height of fashion, are you?!  Especially with jeans; really, that look is all bad.

The “Wind-Fall” Trader

Those skills are looking pretty damn good these days – you’ve stayed the course long enough to trade some great markets and can confidently pirouette through your routine with your eyes closed.  Watch it though, those shoes are a sprained ankle just waiting to happen.

The “I’m Doing What I Came Here To Do” Trader

Yep – You’re running a pretty smooth operation right now.  You’ve got it going on,  and your trading is simple and professional.  Your account is healthy and you’ve hit your stride – in Manolo Blahnik pumps, which you can now actually afford.

The “I Could Buy New Zealand” Trader

You’ve been playing this game so long footwear is entirely at your discretion.  You are free to do what you want, when it pleases you – and if you want shoes with a goldfish in them, you’ll get them, dammit!


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