Feb 01

Ask, And It Shall Be Given

I had quite a revealing morning, this morning.  Of course, I didn’t realise it at the time, because I was 85% asleep.

My husband, Jim, is a bit of a freak.   He sets his alarm at 5.30 am every week morning and religiously gets up to do some sort of exercise.    And as luck would have it, earlier in the year when I asked him to encourage me to get up too, he took me seriously.

Anyway, this morning in my sleep induced haze I noticed Jim had gotten up.  I didn’t want to, wasn’t ready.  And – (this is a bit weird) I started to listen to myself think.

This is the ensuing conversation –

Me –  “Uurgh.”

A bizarre, somewhat sprightly form of me –  “Come on Jess, get up or your thighs will turn into lard.”

Me – “Mmmph. (Rolls over)

Sprightly, who was precariously close to being slapped – “I know it’s disappointing, but there weren’t any wet beds or sick kids last night – you have to get up, there is no excuse at all.”

And Sprightly was right, there was no excuse and I did drag myself out of bed.  And went for a run, and did some yoga, and watched the sun rise with a cup of coffee and my gorgeous husband.

Asking Questions

It struck me how differently Jim and I treat the mornings.  I have to drag myself into them, kicking and screaming, whereas Jim just gets up and goes. He has unshakable discipline, and has had ever since I’ve known him.

After hearing myself negotiate my way out of bed this morning, I was intrigued to know what went on in his head – I figured if he can leap out of bed in the mornings with a spring in his step, I can too.

I admit I was expecting him to say something entirely unhelpful like “I just do it”, or similar, but what he actually told me was much more profound.

He told me he thinks of all the things he has to be grateful for. Things like a healthy body, a good job, a gorgeous, amazing, clever wife (okay – he didn’t really say that.  But he definitely thought it ).  The point here is that he used a strategy to get himself to a great place to start the day – a strategy that I can learn and replicate.

Unfortunately, I suspect that the only thing I’ll be able to think of being grateful for at that time of morning is my bed.

And Learning From Others

Jim’s response really made me realise how important it is to be inquisitive.  What do we not know, because we simply never bothered to ask?

What holes do we have in our trading that could easily be fixed if we asked the right questions?

Sometimes it’s scary to ask knowledgeable people questions, because we worry that they’ll think we’re stupid, or it’ll be embarrassing, or we’re to shy…the excuses just pile up and before you know it nothings changed.  Ever.

Here’s a trick – knowledgeable people didn’t always know what they know, and the way they found out was to ask questions.

We are so lucky with the communication we have and the incredible access we have to traders all over the world – we have experts at our fingertips, who are just lying around wondering why no-one is asking them anything.

Right now, I have a few questions I need answered in the hope I can return the favour down the track with a new project I’m working on.

The people with just the knowledge I need are part-time traders who would like to move to full-time trading in the future.

If that sounds suspiciously like you, please click here to send me your email address, and I’ll send you my burning questions asap.  It’ll be worth it, I promise :)

Thank you to everyone who offered to answer my questions, I have had a brilliant response and have enough to keep me going for quite some time.  Thank you!


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