Jan 24

My Number #1 Tip To Instant Wealth – Guaranteed.

I was in the library this morning when a book caught my eye – “Cakes to Die For!”

My first thought was how ridiculous, there isn’t a cake in this world that I would die for. World peace, perhaps; or my kids on a good day, but cakes?

Then I realised you probably will die for those cakes if you eat them, so the title did in fact make quite good sense – credit to the author for sneakily titling their book with their disclaimer.

It’s actually very clever thinking in our litigious society, where a cake-related death would not be unheard of, or even surprising – and sadly nor would a recipe author getting sued for providing the said fat person with heart-attack inducing recipe-ammo. Nothing is anyone’s own fault anymore.

The thing is, we deserve to eat cake. Marie Antoinette said so.

We also deserve to walk down the footpath without kicking our toe on any kind of not-perfectly-smooth obstruction. So when we do walk straight into a lamp-post, it makes perfect sense to sue the local council who put it there, right?


We deserve. We exist, so we deserve.

I deserve food. I deserve free medicine, and a roof over my head, and an iPhone, and someone – not me, someone else – to care for me and make sure everything is alright. And to clean up my crap when I screw up.

Whether you love him or hate him, Mitt Romney has a point. People have a misguided sense of entitlement. In fact there is very little we deserve purely through the happy fact of our existence. General respect and kindness, perhaps. And that’s about it.

Everything else is a blessing. Not an entitlement. People need to start looking at what they have with a sense of gratefulness, instead of focussing on what they don’t have with a sense of injustice.

If you feel like having a whinge about your two bedroom shack, spare a thought for the kids living on rubbish dumps – try that for a couple of nights and see how luxurious your run-down hovel suddenly becomes.

Be grateful for the light post that cut your face up because you were too busy admiring a $200 top in a shop window to pay attention to the path. If the light wasn’t there, you’d have been murdered instead.

Nothing is amazing for us anymore, because we’re so used to having so much. We get so absorbed in the inadequacies of life that we forget to enjoy the abundance that we do have – if only we look for it.

Check out this video – it’s relevant, and very funny


  1. Jessica

    Broke bread with an 84 year old widow during a Balkan civil war. Small poor house in a small poor village. She had experienced Nazi occupation, Russian occupation, iron curtain deprivations, now civil war enduced atrocities. Wood burning stove of age, thick delicious coffee in precious cups …. she was more thankful than most I’ve broken bread with back home. And strong in her faith.

  2. Jessica

    What a blessing to meet people like that! I was in Indonesia about 13 years ago, and we travelled through this poverty-striken village in a bus. The kids were waving and chasing us laughing, so happy and carefree! But they had nothing, not even shoes.

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